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Legal Literacy Cell

HARLAL School Of Law

Legal Literacy Cell has been a part of Harlal School of Law since its inception in 2004. The core purpose of this cell is to create legal awareness among young minds and to identify the problems of their fellow citizens in the neighbourhood. People are still not aware of their basic rights due to which the legal aid movement has not achieved its goal yet. It is the absence of legal awareness which leads to exploitation and deprivation of rights and benefits of the people. Thus it is need of the hour that the poor illiterate people should be imparted with legal knowledge and should be educated on their basic rights which should be done from the grass root level of the country. Legal Literacy Cell is managed by Para-legal volunteers (Law students) and a faculty coordinator.

The legal literacy cell of the college organizes various programmes with the objective to bring legal awareness among the people and to educate them about their rights, benefit and privileges guaranteed by social welfare legislation.

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