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Director General Message

HARLAL School Of Law

Director General Message

Winds of Change are blowing & today’s youth will be tomorrow’s India . World is much different than what it was till a few decades ago. The role of education system has therefore changed from mere transfer of knowledge to proactive learning. It is also important to find new ways to make high-quality learning available at low cost to thousands of young peoples. In recent times, employment rates for university graduates have fallen and more young people have been drawn to professional alternatives as a way to secure a prosperous future. Success in today’s world depends on an organization’s ability to carry an un-imagined strategic options and new ways of leveraging ideas and collaborative association. I can only assure that we are constantly working in this direction at HIMT.

At HIMT, we provide an enabling culture to the students to learn & grow fearlessly and aim for perfection. The institute ushers them to inculcate values of education, excellence and concern for others. Thus, imbibing egalitarian values which could then help the larger society to build & manage ecologically responsible organization. Meeting & measuring up to the emerging challenges is the prime function of today’s managers. To do this, they require keen perception, flexibility and the ability to merge management theories into action plans. Fortunately , at HIMT education is not about imposing knowledge best rather about providing the means to learn and to develop the critical abilities of students. So, institute at its rich glory encompasses blend of rigorous academic curriculum & extra- curricular activities which makes students to keep up with global pace.

In the next few years, we are likely to witness a tremendous upsurge in the demand of Techno-Management professionals in India. Accordingly, the institute has evolved action oriented activities to equip the students with necessary knowledge & skill so that they could act as agents of change & catalysts in effective decision-making. All this coupled with our highly qualified and experienced team of teachers/consultants ensures that students get the best in present day management education. HIMT is place where teachers always step in to help students to acquire the skills that will help them to evaluate, sift and source the right information.

HIMT is a place where the mind is led forward by the ever widening thought & action. A radical change in mindset, more of knowledge delivery & assimilation and innovation & collaboration seem to be the future road map. In pursuance of dedication towards cause of education, we invite your suggestions and any information that might be relevant to the theme. Also, we look forward to your participation in our endeavors to make HIMT one of the best institutes of professional education in the country.

With best wishes,
Dr. T. Duhan
Director General, HIMT Group of Institutions

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